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our dedicated team of event designers and interior decorators will make your event stand out

At MWT, we know that you want to be recognized as a competent leader that puts on sensational events that impress both the attendees and your executives.

To do that, you need a competent event staging and decor partner that is always accessible. Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to take care of everything from layout design, staging, furniture, decor and specialty gifts for your VIP’s. 

As former event managers, we get it. We have spent 31 years with over 2800 events in 83 destinations worldwide, helping event planners deliver unforgettable events. Our team of professionals will make your event and home staging projects look modern and on trend. 

Steve Tokita – President and CEO
Email:  steve@mwt.com
Tel:  702-270-2704

Henry Blackburn – Logistics Manager;  Event staging and decor. 
Email: henry@mwt.com
Tel:  801-487-4567

Joni Crompton – Interior Design and Staging Manager; Home staging and decor.
Email:  joni@mwt.com
Tel:  702-401-3067

Kotoha Kinjo – International Event Planning Manager; Event design and decor. 
Email:  kotoha.mwt@gmail.com
Tel:  801-487-4567

Ann Higgins Lamphier- Interior Design and Staging Manager; Home staging and decor
Email:  ann@mwt.com
Tel:  435-640-5858

Christine Lee –  Purchasing Manager; Event decor and stage design
Email:  christine@mwt.com
Tel:  801-487-4567

Kristi Moore – Interior Design and Staging Manager: Home staging and decor. 
Email:  kristi@mwt.com
Tel:  858-472-9230

Kylee Shelhamer – Purchasing Manager;  Event decor and stage design
Email: kylee@mwt.com
Tel:  801-487-4567

Amber Smith – Interior Design and Staging Manager; Home staging and decor.
Email:  amber@mwt.com
Tel: 661-607-6897

Tamara Tokita – Purchasing Manager; Commercial decor, residential decor,  and event set design
Email:  tamara@mwt.com
Tel:  702-270-2704