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It’s easy to get started.  Just tell us what you think you need now, and we can start quoting today. 



With interpretation services coordinated remotely, you no longer have expenses associated with interpretation equipment and booth rentals.



With our help, you will have competent interpreters that will relay your message clearly. We will help walk you through options for remote or onsite interpretation.



We will ensure your message is translated with minimum delay to your viewers.



Our simultaneous interpretation system will provide high quality audio to your audience.

When your event goes virtual

We have the streaming technology
to provide low latency interpretation overlay

our remote simultaneous interpretation
platform features

high quality video

We know you’re frustrated with interpretation platforms that have lower video quality than your live feed.  The problem is most popular interpretation platforms bring your video into their player, which further degrades the quality.  Our platform provides high quality 4K or 1080p video streaming with crystal clear interpretation.

low cost

Keeping your event within budget can be difficult, and often times you may pay for additional interpretation services you don’t need.  With our platform, we help you choose a service package to fit your needs based on the format of your event and the size of your audience. 


It can be challenging to gauge your viewership for an upcoming virtual event.  We can help provide real-time and post-event statistics such as how, where and when your viewers stream the video.  The analytics show which portions of your video are being watched and the point when your viewers drop off.  

viewer participation

We know of the challenges of keeping your audience engaged.  In a virtual environment, there is an even greater need to keep your audience captivated for the entire session.  We can offer your viewers the opportunity to chat, ask questions, answer polls, and respond to surveys.

As former event managers, we have built
interpretation services around your needs

Multilingual Streaming

Multilingual Streaming

You can focus on delivering your message while we make it easy for your viewers to hear the message in their native language.

Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment

Have you ever been in charge of an event only to hear at the last minute that your interpretation equipment is not working? With our help, you will have the most up-to-date equipment that is compatible with your Audio Visual team's equipment.

Industry Interpreters

Industry Interpreters

With our experienced interpreters, there will never be a dull moment for your attendees. We ensure that your interpreter can match the momentum of your speakers to keep everyone engaged.

Technicians and Staff

Technicians and Staff

We are there to help so you can focus all of your attention on the big event. Our onsite technicians and engineers will troubleshoot all equipment problems so you can stream seamlessly.

what  to  expect  with  mwt

MWT helps event managers arrange remote simultaneous interpretation for live or prerecorded events. We provide experienced interpreters and professional audio equipment to maximize your viewers’ experience. Our technical staff will oversee the interpretation process from start to finish to ensure a problem-free, successful event.

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