Our Team Is Your Team

Our staff arrive at your event with the same exceptional service and commitment to success as if it were their own.

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Seamless Coordination

Our staff coordinates between your plans, your guests, and our drivers, making sure everyone leaves with a great experience.

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People First

Our staff relies on detailed protocol to ensure that everyone's needs are met, and no one falls through the cracks.

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Service You Can Trust

What do your event, your guests, and your transportation have in common? They all matter to us.

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Transportation Staff

Shuttle Directional Staff

Our directional staff will ensure a safe and orderly shuttle keeps people moving to their destinations.

  • Direct buses when to depart and safely move forward
  • Keep shuttles moving smoothly
  • Arrange police officers to stop traffic and keep buses traveling safely through congested areas and intersections
  • Relay destination directions to any lost drivers
  • Safely monitor pedestrian traffic and direct buses to move forward safely
Crowd Control and Information

Leave it to us to maintain order and keep everyone moving in the right direction.

  • Line gates for crowd control
  • Line staff to direct pedestrian traffic and ensure safety
  • Information staff to provide event details to guests
  • Loading staff ensure orderly transport
Bus Driver Coordinators

Our Driver Coordinators make sure that everyone is safe, and no one gets lost.

  • Guide buses to staging area
  • Direct buses to depart safely
  • Provide maps and directions to drivers
  • Coordinate routes with drivers
  • Remain on standby to assist lost drivers
  • Coordinate driver hours with USDOT regulations

We will provide all necessary staffing for your shuttles

Our experienced staff will make it easy for you to move large groups of people with safety and order. We strategically place our staff to address the typical issues that arise from holding a large event.

While our line staff maintain orderly movement, our driver coordinators ensure that all drivers and their passengers are right where they should be. If any of your guests become lost or confused about location details, our information staff is here for them, so you won't need to worry about how and where to position people. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that everyone is right where they should be.

Event Shuttle Staff

We will design your event shuttle system to efficiently and orderly move your attendees. We plan everything including the passenger pickup areas, bus routes, driving routes, police traffic control, permits, driver training, and all the staffing. We can smoothly move up to 30,000 people per hour!

Airport Greeters

After a long flight, a cheerful welcome at the airport sets a great tone for the entire event. First impressions matter, and that's why we organize a shuttle system that includes fresh and happy staff to greet your guests, direct them to the shuttle loading zone, and then get them to the correct property with little to no waiting time.

Multilingual Staff

We can schedule our staff to suit any language needs your group may have.

VIP Coordinators

If you need to move your VIPs in an extra special way, we can take care of that. We arrange Sedans, Limousines, Luxury sports cars, and more!

Hotel Loading Staff

We will organize a shuttle route to efficiently pick up your guests and get them to the hotel with the least amount of wait time. Regular shuttle system from hotels to convention center, sports arena, race track.

Dinner Shuttle Staff

If you need to move hundreds of people to restaurants all around, we will create an efficient system to get your people in and out with no waiting.

Information Staff

We place staff members to answer questions about event details, direct lines, and make sure that no one falls through the cracks.

Evacuation Shuttle Coordinators

We are experienced with coordinating large scale evacuations, off line/non-cell tower communications, emergency transportation management.

Transportation and Shuttle Staffing

Transportation Supervisors
Our transportation supervisors help oversee that the flow of people is smooth and efficent.

Directional and Information Staff
Our staff will help your attendees stay in safe loading areas away from moving buses.

Bus Loaders and Counters
The bus counters will count off the people to fill each bus full while our bus loaders will walk the groups to the right bus. This system allows us to load 24 buses simunltaneously.

Driver Coordinators
The driver coordinators ensure that each driver has been briefed on the routes, knows their scheduled break and meal times, and that hours are in accordance with all USDOT safety requirements.