Our Story

Our Beginnings. MWT International was founded in 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We were originally known as Mountain West Travel. We filled an immediate need in the industry for a competitively priced Japanese language destination management company. Nine years later, our company experienced a growth spurt as we became involved with the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. We somewhat stumbled upon significant needs in the market for event related services including transportation management, interpretation equipment, and incentive tours. We expanded our Salt Lake City office to include a branch office in Las Vegas. As we ventured from the Mountain West region, we rebranded as MWT Intentional. The "international" added to our name was our way of saying, hey, we handle other international markets as well.

Gaining Momentum. As a growing and reputable company, we attracted the attention of several US Government agencies in various parts of the world. We were invited to host large groups of wealthy clients from countries introduced to us by the US Consulate and US Commercial Service. This development refined us as a company that became well accustomed to handling the world's elite professionals. With a foundation for good business practices and systems that have been tested throughout the years, we have continued to take on some of the biggest projects in our industry. We have received both national and international recognition as being one of the top inbound event operators in North America.

Going International. In 2007, we expanded our operations internationally. We took our business model with direct vendor relations to our first overseas market in Japan. We challenged the traditional middleman barriers by handling all of the operations directly with the vendor from our home office in Las Vegas. In 2007, the practice of bypassing the middleman was not common in our industry. Even to this day, much of our industry continues to rely on costly middlemen to organize and arrange the end details. Our systems for direct management with international vendors allowed us to be positioned well for the global economic downturn. As clients were seeking most cost effective methods for organizing their events, we were able to propose and manage operations that were on average 38% less in cost than the next competitor. We prospered during the economic downturn and had our best years, further giving confidence to our direct model.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race. We continue to grow slowly and steadily. This slow and steady growth has allowed us to remain completely debt free, have money saved for emergencies and economic downturns, and handle some of the most complex projects for some very high profile clients. We cannot be all things to all clients, but our focus on our core competencies allows us to provide our best for each event. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you more about how we can serve you.

    Transportation Management

  • Complete transportation, Airport Shuttles, Convention Center Shuttles, hotel shuttles, VIP transfers.
  • Group Transportation: Complete management of routes, staffing, crowd control, mass movements.
  • Corporate Tours: Transports to and from the main convention center to your corporate offices and warehouses, or other company destinations.
  • Convention Shuttles: Shuttles between hotels, venues, farms, or off site concerts

  • Emergency Evacuations: Planning, drills, or actual large scale evacuations

  • City Tours: 4 hour or full day city highlight tours

    Interpretation Services

  • Meetings: We provide interpreters and simultaneous translation equipment for any type of meeting or banquet in Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, or Farsi.
  • Long range equipment for indoor stadiums, large ballrooms, and convention centers.
  • Equipment rental: FM Transmitters, FM Receivers, Full Booth, Half Table Top Booth, Control unit
  • Technicians: Experienced technicians to install, manage, and monitor all equipment. Immediate troubleshooting when things go wrong.

    Destination Management

  • Incentives: Plan the perfect incentive trip to the Windy City. Chicago has a variety of professional sports, famous food, shopping, and a unique culture to impress, entertain, and create the ultimate incentive trip.
  • Meetings and Banquets: Everything to put on your training, seminar, group meeting, or banquets
  • Multilingual Staff: English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Farsi and more!

Our Guiding Ethics

1. Integrity in all areas of business. We are honest in even the small things. We will be the first to point out if we were under charged by a partner, or if they overlooked something that we should've paid for.

2. Our industry partners are the reason for our success. We treat them with respect, commitment, and honesty.

3. Pursue personal growth and individual creativity. We value our team members' individual talents and gifts. We strive to create a culture that allows for these areas to grow and thrive.

4. Teamwork success is greater than individual success

5. Positive Work Environment - We create this environment by practicing mutual respect, sharing in each other's successes, and learning from our mistakes. When a mistake is made, we don't point fingers, but rather try to learn how to avoid that same mistake in the future. We like to call our first mistakes "tuition."

6. Passion for the business - This is not just a job, but our passion. Each team member enjoys the industry, values the customer, and seeks high level of quality.

7. Time Balance - We strive to balance our work life with our family/personal lives. We encourage our team members to get their projects completed during a reasonable work day and then to leave to attend to more important things outside the office. There will be times of longer days or deadlines, but we hope those are few and far between.

8. Open communication - We value opinions, withhold judgment, and resolve areas of concern.

9. Operate debt free with a little money set aside for a rainy day. Responsible financial management is at the core of our decision making for all areas of our business.

10. Gossip-free culture. We take it seriously to avoid a gossip-free culture by handing our complaints or concerns upward. Only a higher level manager has the power to change or fix the complaint. Any complaints or concerns passed sideways to a fellow team member is considered gossip and is not tolerated. By communicating these expectations regularly, we are able to maintain a culture of respect, creativity, and enthusiasm.